Hyperreality 2015

This fashion collection, entitled “Hyperreality” revolves around the concept and visual elements of Superflat. The collection extracts visual elements such as the usage of Japanese katakana characters found in the Pokémon manga series as sound effects expressing the atmosphere of the manga frame. The lines found in the dynamic manga frames are later incorporated as the garment’s style lines and seams. The concept of Superflat in Fashion is to incorporate and translate Japanese subcultural elements into fashion objects/garments and propose fresh and unexpected combinations of fashion and the Japanese subculture.

Hyperreality – an exploration of the fantastical world of manga, anime and otaku culture in the medium of fashion. Core to this first full collection from designer Josiah Chua is an examination of cultural hybridity by reinterpreting the source material of fundamentally Japanese subcultures from the designer’s own global perspective, as well as challenging notions of reality in the digital age. In delivery the collection captures the dynamism of manga panels literally in construction, re-interpreting the visual signifiers of the genre in appliqué, as well as proposing a silhouette that offers passage into a world of fantasy. It is hoped that this first collection can serve as a proof of concept for the “Otaku subcultural-fashion” genre, inspiring in the process transcultural dialogues.

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