Afterlife 2014

This collection is a tribute to the Samurais, in admiration of their warrior spirit and the code of a samurai that they uphold with their life. The collection envisions a group of strong willed youths empowered in garments inspired by samurais that is made free spirited yet intense at the same time.

This collection is a opposing fusion between the rebellious modern street-wear elements expressed by youths on the streets of Japan as well as the ideals, symbolism and fighting spirit associated with the traditional Japanese Samurais. These two clashing aspects make an unexpected yet fresh combination.

Each and every piece from the collection is made to be unique and embodies a different narrative and story. Likewise to a warrior or a samurai, each garment is one of a kind and exceptional in its own way. The clothing and it’s aesthetic is created with the aim of evoking intangible emotions like bravery, courage and wisdom.

The amalgamation of the entire collection consists of materials like traditional kimonos, embroidered kimono panels, obi ropes pleated tulle, crushed metallic satin, neoprene, bleached denim, iridescent plastic/films and wool.

Various pieces mimics the protective sensibilities of a samurai armor made with a defiant approach in silhouette construction distorting the body shape to form barriers around it. Other pieces depict the elegance and agility of a swift fighter sewn with delicate tulles and soft hues to compliment the collection.

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